Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zambesi campaign SS1314

How good is this Summer/spring campaign courtesy of Zambesi! 

Monday, July 29, 2013


Top: Saint James. Jeans: J Brand. Shoes: Birkenstocks.

It has been a very hot summer in New York so it pays to wear heavy duty sandals as you can protect your feet from the sludge of the city but keep your feet as cool as possible. In New Zealand the sidewalks are tame enough not to take the plunge down "ugly shoe lane" but I have succumb to the comfort and decided to invest in some Birkenstocks. 
For the first time in a few weeks I have most of a free day to roam around the city but I am wishing I had these things to throw on for my off duty day. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PS : I love you

Proenza Schouler have just got it going on! The boys have just opened their first store and now another amazing show with pieces i can only dream of wearing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

free blow wave??




Okay, before you get excited... It is not free. But It could be once you buy yourself these products!
I got my hair done last week ( Remember all the hair inspo posts? ) in the ombre like " I made the terrible mistake of getting ghetto blonde streaks because i think i look like Beyonce and then they grew out and now i look like i don't care but I'm actually on trend."  AND: I absolutely love it! Tommy at Killer hair salon in St Benedict's street is just fantastic!
My only problem is the lack of care I put into maintaining my hair. Today I tried the new Remington Big styles 2-in-1 hair wave tool. After I got the hang of it, it toke me 3 minutes to turn my straw dull locks into a Rachel Bilson blow out. I put some Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss through my hair once i had finished and it felt like a near salon experience. Like Tommy was with me in spirit.
As a fan of big luscious heaps of hair, this Big Styles is on my Wishlist.


Marc Jacobs is one of the only designers on this planet that can change so quickly between seasons 
while still upholding a general feel that says : "THIS IS MARC JACOBS."
I love the op art inspiration and the reference points to 60s icons Twiggy and Edie.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Photo taken by me of Hailwood F/W 2013

Day 1 is officially over! Tonight was Zambesi but my tired body and brain could not do another show specially on the small amount food I had consumed so i skipped out on the fashionista parties to eat some salmon and relax.
First up this year at fashion week were the girls from RUBY. As far as winter wear goes, it was made for a california girl; the collection was cool, cute, fun and most of all, lacking material. The only warm part of the ensembles were beanies. Nevertheless, I wouldn't say no to any of the pieces. They were quite nice.
Next Cybele,  showed an array top/skirt suits with these amazing plastic santa belts to create peplumed waists.
Company of Strangers was casual in cotton with the center of attention going towards the Balenciaga inspired side zip up sports jackets in bright pinks.
Saving the best for last, Hailwood.
Now i know i harp on about my love of staples, and although judging by the photo above, you will probably be thinking, " well hollie, that ain't looking like no staple!" And while that is true, it is also not true. After thinking over dinner I decided the reason why I like d the show so much was because of the consistency towards all the elements of the show. The models walked to the right spot almost everytime, the music made some sense, the models were perfect for the clothes, and then of corse the collection itself, without the fancy inspiration and conceptual basis, was the embodiment of the perfect wardrobe for a woman. 
Everything you could want and the pieces in between.
My favorite piece had to be this champagne wrap dress above. The model wearing it looks like some kind of Calvin Klein perfection. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today is Friday so I thought i would recycle all the ingredients from the week for a Fri up post.
So this week I booked a great job for Coke, so my face will continue it's presence on Australia TV ( i am currently on a mars bar ad there ) and after the dress rehearsal yesterday I now feel like a giant beast. Standing next to size 2 girls when you are 6 will do that to you. Although you realize they are teenagers, it just does nothing for your confidence when the stylists look at you and say " We have nothing bigger than a 4, but you are really pretty?" I am sure being a size UK10 is not fat. The country's average is UK12.. isn't it?

After that terrible afternoon of not fitting into everything and been referred to as curvy like a Kadashian, blogger Katherine Lowe, from Katherine is awesome hosted a great crowd at Area 51 for the launch of Vanishing Elephants women's wear collection. The wine was good and the clothes even better! A nice evening then went on to the Kate Slyvester show. I am in love with the paisley prints for this S/S 12/13. Very Stella Mccartney.
In other news,
Has anyone seen the makeover shopbop has had? 
There has always been this subtle push towards them wanting to be seen as a luxury shopping destination but while that is an aspiration that is fair to have, I liked shopbop for the accessibility and their way of bringing the best of high and low fashion together.
Will the site just be a side step away from Net-a-porter and will they lose this "every woman" feel?

I truly hope not. Another new makeover, NARS with Andy warhol. Generally anything Andy Warhol outside of his art, I don't like. The Dom Perignon collab was close to hitting the right notes but then again, not really.
However, I do like this collection as the colors are very rich and the palettes are fun to use.

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